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How To Use the Warm Waxing Gun

How To Use the Warm Waxing Gun

Curious on how to use the Warm Waxing Gun?  Well you've come to the right place.  Before getting started take a look at this list to make sure you have everything you need:

 Read and understood "Contraindications: Who shouldn't wax"

  • A well lit area and a mirror
  • A clean washcloth
  • Netflix or Spotify going, after all:  your house, your rules

 You'll also need our starter kit which has everything else used below.

 After checking our instructions on who shouldn't wax, and lightly exfoliating the day before, follow these steps:


1. Turn on Warm Waxing Gun and load a wax stick

Unlike other wax warmers, the Warm Waxing Gun is ready to wax in under 5 minutes!  The perfect amount of time to start prep!

2. Prep area to be waxed

Use our pre-wax spray to clean area of any excess oil, dirt and makeup.  Wipe away with a clean cotton washcloth.

3. Apply wax onto applicator stick

Squeeze trigger and apply the hard wax directly onto the applicator stick, bypassing the sticky mess caused by waxing pots.  Wait 10-15 seconds before putting on skin, while testing temperature.  

4. Spread wax in the direction of hair growth


After waiting 10-15 seconds. Firmly press and spread wax in the direction of hair growth.  Leave a little extra thickness at the end to form a lip for easy removal.


5. Remove wax

Wait about 20 seconds for the wax to become more solid. Pull wax off with either your fingers or the applicator stick.  A deep breath really helps for more sensitive parts!  



 6. Apply Post Wax Oil

Squirt our post wax oil to soothe skin and reduce the chance of ingrown hairs.  It will also help remove any small amounts of wax left behind. 




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