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Waxing Burns: How to avoid and treat them.

Waxing Burns:  How to avoid and treat them.

Waxing is generally safe for most skin types although waxing-induced burns are not at all uncommon. 38% of people who regularly with traditional products must have experienced a wax-induced burn at least once! Here’s everything you’d need to know about them. Facial burns are more common as compared to other parts of the body as the face skin tends to be more sensitive (especially around the lips and the eyebrows). The same goes for the bikini/genital area.


The mechanism of a burn can either be due to excess heat from the wax itself or stripping away of weakened skin in sensitive areas of the body. The Warm Waxing Gun is the only solution that addresses both problems or your money back.  Our hard wax sticks to hair not skin.  And our advanced sensors makes sure the wax is delivered at just the right temperature.  But, if you didn't use the Warm Waxing Gun and unfortunately had a wax-induced burns here are some tips.


Treating wax-induced burns:

  1. Immediately run cold water over the burned area. Soak a large piece of gauze or a cotton cloth in ice cold water and covering the burnt area with it. This soothes the skin, bringing down redness and inflammation.
  2. Apply a soothing gel containing aloe vera several times a day till the skin heals. Do NOT apply aloe vera directly from the plant in your balcony as this can irritate the skin further. Packaged aloe vera is purified and free from irritants. Studies have shown that aloe vera is helpful in treating burns. Gently apply a nice, thick layer and rub it over the burn.
  3. An antibiotic cream once a day will help prevent infection of an open, sore area.
  4. Other options include creams containing centella asiatica (popularly known as cica). These soothe the skin and promote skin healing, reducing the time for the skin to recover.
  5. Do not rub or peel the top layers of burnt skin away - allow it to fall off on its own.
  6. If the burn is on a sun exposed area like the upper lip region, make sure to wear sunscreen regularly. This will prevent the burn from getting pigmented.
  7. Avoid wearing makeup so as to not irritate the sore/ wounded skin.
  8. Use a gentle cleanser without any irritating actives such as salicylic acid during the time that the burn is healing.


Most waxing-related burns resolve in 7-10 days as they tend to be superficial.  If it hasn't or the pain is intense please consult a doctor.

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